The 3 Lessons I Learned to Get Back to The Life You Want and Boost Productivity

The 3 Lessons I Learned to Get Back to The Life You Want and Boost Productivity

When I sat to think about what to write for the blog, many ideas came to my mind but I wanted a post that tells a personal story in addition to sharing something I learned. Most of us have gone through the experience of leaving our country, move away from our families, friends, and the loved ones. That definitely had some difficult consequences on our lives, specially when there was no clear perspective on when or how things will get better again.

How can you go from zero to hero? Here are the 3 lessons I learned:


We, as human beings, have enormous energy by nature, but it is our responsibility to manage this energy and make it work for us. The Syrian motto says: “You can’t carry two watermelons in one hand”. As funny as it may sound, this motto is absolutely true. Our consciousness can’t work in parallel, but it works incredibly well sequentially. Do one thing, finish it, and then move to the next. Don’t do them together. Or if there is no other way, you should divide your time into hour-blocks or day-blocks, where you work on ONLY one thing in each block.

Let Go

Two words, Let+Go. This one is maybe the most difficult because only the brave will do it. It takes courage and self confidence to Let Go. Why to Let Go? You have to free some space in your life in order to let a new opportunity come to you. No matter what you are attached to, a place, a person, or whatever… Just let it go, if it is good for you, it will come back. If it is NOT good for you, you will know that shortly after you live your life without it.

Work Out

Yes, you got it right. WORK OUT! It makes a complete sense. How do you move from one place to the other, what is the truck that is carrying you around? It is your amazing body. Be strong to be useful, our grand grand grand parents used to hunt in the wild jungle and you know it. Working out will not only make you stronger, but also it will release hormones which make you happier, it will significantly increase your self confidence, and make you physically more attractive – What is better than that?!

Hope that can help! Love always,

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