Fulfilling Dreams

Studying abroad was always my life dream, and I was waiting for my chance to fulfill that dream. The chance has come today after I’ve been nominated as one of the Syrian students for the scholarship that Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago in coordination with Jusoor organization provided.

It was a special moment when they informed me, I was amazed. It is one of those moments you can’t easily describe. I am glad that I will be given an amazing chance that will make me step forward in my life.

It wasn’t easy to say goodbye. Damascus is my home, the city where I was born, spent my childhood, my family, my friends, and my whole life is right there. I packed my luggage, but I kept my memories there because one day I am coming back home.

It’s not an easy move, It’s a big challenge. I know that, but I also know that I am not alone. My family is encouraging me everyday. My new friends in Chicago who became an amazing family together are also helping me.

I really appreciate this opportunity and it means a lot for me, but at the same moment I hope that our country will have a lot of chances like this because a lot of the Syrian youth had to stay back there with their huge dreams and they also deserve chances like the one I have. One day we all can come back to our country with our degrees, our experience and fulfill our dreams by rebuilding Syria, and make of it a great country.


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