Syria… The country that will never die

ImageTen months ago, I had to leave my country Syria and come to the US to complete my studies. If it wasn’t for the situation there, I think it wouldn’t have been that hard but the feeling that I don’t know when I will be able to go back made everything harder and harder. Too many thoughts crossed my mind; will I ever see my family again? What about my friends? Is my home going to be there when I go back? Should I feel guilty because I left? I was lost not knowing whether what I did was the right thing to do or not but I left anyways because I had no future there; no university, no work nothing.

I arrived to the US and from the first day I was homesick. I realized that it’s true that we never appreciate the things that we have until we lose them. I was determined from the first day that everything I’m going to do is for my country and for its future because education and knowledge are the keys to a better future.

I kept watching the news just to know how people are living and adapting to the horrible conditions. That was when I realized that “we are the country that will never die”. Even after 100,000+ martyrs and almost a complete destruction of most of the cities, people were still optimistic. They were still 100% sure that tomorrow will be better.

With all that had happened and is still happening, Syrians never lost hope and we never will. The biggest example is us the 26 Syrian students that got the scholarships. Even though all of our families are still in Syria and are facing danger every day, we are still strong. We are doing the best that we can do academically and socially so that we can be part of rebuilding our Syria because all of us are the future and we are the hope for our country to be able to stand again.


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  1. I hope Chicago is a hospitable home for you all!

  2. inspiring!! today I read a status suggesting that ‘Syria was here’ and it just felt so wrong. I seem to agree with you, totally. Syria will never die, as long as we are here for her. What I ended up with is that Syria was never made up of stones rather being the total sum of our souls, ideas and spirits.

    We are Syria and as long as we live Syria will be alive!

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