What Happened to the people?

After two weeks here in Jordan, I’m feeling so confused and disappointed! Yes maybe I’m thankful because I saw my parents, friends and every street in Jordan that reminded me in the past 7 years when I lived here, but I am not HAPPY at all! I don’t want to talk a lot about politics and economics but the situation here is so disappointing! Not because I can’t find an internship  because I’m Syrian or because even the graduate students are not working, but the problem starts When you see my Facebook home page and the atmosphere here in Jordan, you will see what I’m talking about. Iraqi ministers started a fight with a Jordanian Lawyer, why? Because he said something about how he loved Saddam Hussein and they killed each other and now you find in the streets Iraqis holding their flag and Jordanians are doing the same, actually it’s a tragedy now. Let me take you to another side in Jordan, “Welcome to the Syrian Iraqi Jordanian Kingdom” yes! That’s what all the Jordanian people and even my friends are saying, because now in Jordan you’ll find a numerous numbers of Syrians walking in the streets, working, -and please underline the word working- because that was the main reason why the Jordanians are so upset, They admit it, “the Syrians are better than us in a lot of jobs and skills, and they take lower salary, that’s why they toke our jobs and positions, where’s the government? We want some fair!”

Unfortunately it is so epic over here! We used to feel the love between the Middle East countries but no! Not now, even the Syrians who ran to the Zaa’tari Camp are now going back to Syria, a large number of them and they said: “we are dying here anyway so let’s just go back to our hometown and die there” so now the people are not choosing where to survive but they’re choosing where to die!

I really don’t know what to say or what to describe! Because at the beginning I wanted to write my blog about something else but I couldn’t! Because you can’t just see what’s going on and pretend that everything is awesome. And Jordan is a great country (not just Jordan, but all the Arab countries), maybe they have some secure outside but you’ll discover that inside they have worst wars and diseases more than Syria because of the hate of the people and governments! I really hope that after two months from now I will write another blog saying that I was wrong or the situations are better now!


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  1. Do you have any ideas to correct these problems over the short or long term? What kind of resources would you need to make it work?

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