Twenty-Six lives

Couple weeks ago I finished my first semester studying in the United States after transferring from my home country Syria. Coming to Chicago to study architecture at Illinois Institute of technology was a life changing experience for me, an experience that I have never thought I would have. This opportunity, that was given to me by Jusoor Organization and IIT, was a chance for me to retrieve the hope of accomplishing my dreams in becoming an architect. And I actually mean it when I say that if not for this opportunity I would be dropping out of school and ending any hope of getting my degree in architecture regarding the current situation happening in Syria and the increasing conflict there.
This story is similar to twenty-five other stories of students who came from Syria to IIT, building their hopes and dreams in this university, and living every day in Chicago while their hearts and minds are left back home with their friends and family. Our pursuit is based on our belief that one day we will go back to our country and build it for us and for our children to live in dignity and freedom. The contribution of IIT towards the future of Syria is something me and my friends, and our families, will never forget and will always be grateful for. Thank You IIT, Thank You Jusoor.


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  1. gpdoyle says:

    Majed –

    Thank you for sharing your experiences of your first-semester. What was your favorite class during the Spring 2013 academic year? How do you think your experiences at IIT have changed your thinking about the type of architect that you will become over the course of your career? How have you been able to share what you have learned with colleagues and friends who are thinking about the study of architecture in Syria? Who are your favorite Syrian architects? And why?


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