Meeting with IIT’s President Mr. John L. Anderson

248100_585865664781447_368786569_n 942006_585866251448055_1365956721_n 380897_585867158114631_2003227509_nAfter we finished our first semester here at IIT (for others it is the second semester), finally we had the chance to meet in person the IIT’s President Mr. John L. Anderson. The meeting was in his office! And we were so excited to meet him personally and say, at least, THANK YOU. Each one of the Syrians introduced him/herself, and talked about his/her plans in the summer.

Also in that occasion, we were having a visitor named Hossam Shobokski; he is the man who bought the Syrian art print at the Jusoor auction in the fall who donated the art print to IIT. In that meeting, he presented the art print to President Anderson, and then we all typed our signatures on the print’s back as a beautiful memory. Finally we had a photo all together with that print.

For me, it was really a nice time I spent with both President Anderson and Hossam. One of the words that have had a huge impact on me and on the other Syrians that when President Anderson said “I don’t have a car, I use the train to go to work!”

I am very honored to meet you in person Mr Anderson

To know more about President Anderson:

~ Mohamad

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