IIT Engineering Themes Research

IIT engineering themes is a summer program that gives undergraduate students a chance to do research with a faculty member.

So I talked with one of my professors (prof. Erdal Oruklu), and we agreed on working together on a research in the field of health , we applied and waited. This whole process started one hour before the deadline of the applications submission, and ended 15 minutes before. After two weeks I receive the email that says “Congratulations, your research has been accepted and will be funded by IIT Engineering Department” . The email I’ve been waiting for, for two weeks. The title of the research is Multi-Modal Sensor Approach for Health Monitoring or in simpler less sophisticated words Health Monitoring System, which will be able to constantly update the patients about their health condition, by sending data to their own cell phones.

I finally have got the chance to contribute the knowledge I gained in the classrooms, and put it into a project that hopefully will help changing the whole world.


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  1. gpdoyle says:



    Terrific research idea. I was wondering if your Jusoor mentor, or a member of the Jusoor network might be able to share some additional wisdom about this topic from their professional experiences in Syria and across the globe.

    Might there be any direct or indirect contribution to the current health monitoring system in Syria or in the neighboring countries or refugee settlements?


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