Indoor Soccer Champions

Indoor Soccer Champions

As Syrian students at IIT, our main goal was to introduce our rich culture to the American and international society at the university; and we gladly succeeded to show that rich heritage of ours throughout the many events we organized under the Syrian Club.

Thus, and as all Syrians know, football “or soccer” is the country’s most played game. And as lovers of the game, we created our own Syrian team to participate in the university’s soccer indoor tournament to show a different picture of the Syrian community.

The tournament had Spanish, Brazilian, American, Persian, and other teams who were all very good and respectful teams on the field and outside the field, and after four weeks of very hard and competitive games we were able to win the tournament and were crowned as champions of IIT’s soccer tournament.

It was a great thing achievement because people will always remember that a Syrian team won the soccer tournament of IIT, and we are looking forward to next year’s tournament and for new challenges as well.


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