When I first decided to join the Information Technology and Management program, the first thing the Dean said to me was that I will have to take two courses that are called IPRO which stands for Inter-professional Projects. When he first described them to me, I was somehow intimidated. IPROs are team-based projects in which students from different majors work in one team to solve real-world problems. In my second semester at IIT, I decided to “be brave” and take an IPRO course. I chose Biznology which means transforming the Business-IT relations into a modern corporate setting.

At first it was very challenging because we had to deal with an investment company and we were all students. We had to conduct interviews with some of the employees there, conduct secondary research and try to understand the issues very well before we could start finding the solution. After a while it became easier because we got used to the company’s culture and we had a better understanding of the way it works. After analyzing the issues, we were able to come up with some suggestions that could be considered to improve the relationship between business and IT.

After I’m done with the semester, I look back at what I accomplished in this class and I feel that it gave me the ability to understand the strategic planning in companies and how IT departments can be improved to be able to drive the business forward not just be a passive partner. Also working in a team widened my vision on how important it is to hear what different people think about the same problem and how different opinions can help reach the best solution.

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