The Syrian Club

Two semesters ago, 14 Syrian students packed their bags for a long trip and went to the airport. They all had one same destination, Chicago, Illinois, USA. They left their families and friends with many hopes and promises to be fulfilled. When I look back to the first couple of weeks, now after the year is done, and thinking about the dreams that each of us had, and the achievements that all of us did, Syrian Club, the impact we had on campus and the students, the friendships we formed, I feel proud.

IIT was like home for us, it had the welcoming environment and the supporting campus. On the other side we were very glad to get involved in many different all around campus whether it was an organization, an on campus job, events, voluntary work, etc.

I’m very happy and proud to be a student at Illinois Institute of Technology, and I’m very proud with the achievements that I’ve done so far personally and as a group. Looking forward to starting next year even more excited, more ambitious, and with a higher level of goals to pursue.

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