A Path To A Greater Future

Illinois Institute of Technology has opened its doors to 26 Syrian students to help them accomplish their dreams, succeed, and stand out in the real world. I was so grateful and honored to be chosen among these extraordinary students. Upon arrival, I was welcomed with a big smile and an astonishing kindness. Everyone who was involved in the process of getting me to Chicago made this experience very easy and wonderful.

During my first semester at IIT, I learned a lot, met very interesting people, and got involved in the countless  organizations and events that the university had to offer. You see, I have always been interested in biology, medicine, and the way the human body functions which is why Med Life Organization was a perfect opportunity for me to grow a network of connections consisting of doctors, medical students, and even pre-med students such as me. The organization introduced us to doctors and physicians who have done research and won awards in their own work. This organization is a small example of the endless and numerous opportunities  that are present in IIT that can fulfill the interests of all the students and intellectuals.

I consider myself very lucky to have been able to participate in such program that will increase my knowledge, and teach me how to become responsible and independent in order to succeed and build Syria’s future.

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