Computer Science Research

IIT is an amazing place to do anything for your academic career. I have been here at IIT for one full semester (4 months), and I found it the perfect place to increase your knowledge – knowledge other than school courses and syllabus.

Since I am not going to take summer courses and I am not eligible to work off-campus until I finish one complete year here at IIT, I decided not to waste my summer for nothing and take the advantages of being on IIT campus. So I heard of undergraduate summer research program by the college of sciences and letters. It’s a 10-weeks research program conducted during the summer for undergraduate students, where each student works with a professor and together decide the research plan. Also, each student will be provided a $5000 stipend so that it will allow this student to participate in research work between school terms and catalyze their scholarly activities and productivity. Fortunately, they liked my research plan and I was selected as one of the winners of this program.

As an undergraduate computer science student, enrolling in such a program is a great opportunity that will enable me to gain a new experience and get my feet wet to enroll in upcoming MS and/or PhD research programs.

Here’s a link to know what I and the other students will work on with our professors during the summer:

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