2013 TEDxIIT Chicago, IL

In the previous months, I worked with an amazing team of students at Illinois Institute of Technology to organize a TEDx event (see www.ted.com/tedx for more information). This year we had the word “Exponential” as a theme for the talks. Organizing an event like that can be really challenging; it took us a lot of time and effort for publishing and organizing, but it ended up being highly rewarding. We had speakers from all over the world who shared with us their exponential ideas.

One of the speakers, a friend of ours, spoke about Syria and about the effort that IIT and Jusoor put forth to bring us to the United States to continue our studies. It was quite special because she drew people’s attention to the hardships that Syrians are enduring in their homeland.

I think this experience was really one of the best ones I had in IIT. I hope someday to organize an event like that in Syria, and to help Syrians share their ideas, because I am sure that Syrians are full of “ideas worth spreading,” as the TED slogan says. I hope to see TEDxAleppo or TEDxDamascus – that would be awesome.

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