The American Vigil

I know that the following lines talking about American martyrs might sound weird since I am a Syrian student writing them and I have tens of thousands of martyrs in my country that I can mourn, but the thing is I am a human being in the first place.

When I first heard about the Boston explosion I felt some kind of pain in my heart, which later turned out to be a common thing among all my other Syrian friends, a pain that made me feel like I’m home.

Number 3 is not a big number, three people were killed that day. In the same day forty-seven people were killed in an explosion in Iraq and around a hundred were killed by the shelling in Syria, so why feeling sad for three people from a different side of the planet who have nothing to do with me?!!

The pain I felt that day didn’t come from the fact that we lost three innocent citizens, it came from knowing how it feels like for their family to receive such news. The news of someone’s death became our daily headline in Syria. The pain of hearing that someone we knew died for nothing, literally nothing!!

Now I know how it feels like to receive the news that a person is dead, now I know what death feels like, and I wish it for no one, not even as a joke.

I wish there was some kind of a vigil for the souls of those American martyrs just like the one we did for Syrian martyrs so that I can join and share the grief of American people here and show them that we are all united because we are humans in the first place.

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  1. We are more similar than different aren’t we?

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