April showers bring May’s flowers


It was rainy today with thunder and lightning in Chicago. The very loud thunder was really scary, it made one of my friends today thinking that it’s a blast sound like what happened a few days ago in Boston! He never thought that a thunder might sound like a blast before, however, what happened in Boston makes our unconscious mind think about stuff like that. On the other hand, I called my family back home in Syria, it was also raining and thundering there, nevertheless, they can’t really distinguish between the thunder sound and the continuous bombardment sounds. They almost got used to those super scary sounds. It is so sad when you hear that children ask their mothers, is this a thunder’s sound or a bomb?
I wonder when we can live safe in this world, and when all these tragedies will finish. I am pretty sure that the spring flowers are going to come eventually after all this raining, and so is the peace…

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