Taste of IIT


The Syrian students at Illinois Institute of Technology formed the Syrian Club organization to introduce the Syrian rich culture to the IIT community. Our main goal was to organize entertaining events that will show people what the Syrian culture is all about.

The taste of IIT is an annual event hosted by Illinois Institute of Technology. This event gives the chance to IIT international communities and organizations to introduce their culture throughout food. Therefore, the Syrian Club found this event as the perfect chance to let people understand the Syrian traditions. So, we managed to order Kebbeh and Taboule from a Syrian restaurant in the Chicago area, and sell them to the students and staff of IIT, and hearing the positive comments about our table was actually a source of pride for all Syrians at IIT.

As many of you may know, Kebbeh and Taboule is the most famous and preferred plate in Syria, and being able to offer this food to the American and international society was a great way to encourage these societies to know more about Syria.

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  1. Hi I am wasim I apply for scholarship how long take time to know the result for fall 2013

    1. You will be emailed, whenever the results are out.

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